Steve Oak

C. E. O



  • Sun Rin Commercial High School Korea
  • Economic University of Hochiminh City Vietnam (MBA)
  • Korea Air Cargo Service Co., Ltd
  • Pan Korea Express Co., Ltd (PANTOS)
  • Unilever Korea Co., Ltd
  • Ace Air & Sea Service Co.,Ltd Vietnam Branch Manager / 2002
  • Vina Property Group Vietnam / Marketing Director
  • H& Friends GTL Group USA / Global Sales Team Director
  • Alipes People Networks Co., Ltd / CEO

Sailing of the Global Network!
We hope to pioneer the new future world with APN PEOPLES !!

We will do our best to provide One Window Service to our customers with differentiated services and systematic management that meet the international sense for companies that want to Investment into Vietnam and companies that want to advance into USA market in Vietnam.

Future international business will be a new era of business that goes beyond the walls of language and borders. Designing an intelligent and emotional business will create a new wave of business based on Network’s collaboration to connect new information and networking.

I hope we can pioneer a new future with us and share our dreams together.




  • We will provide one window service for foreign investment companies wishing to enter Vietnam and provide localized consulting services that meet the international sense for stable local advancement of the enterprise and do our best to be the service that meets the needs of customers.
  • We will provide corporate information through the market research of local legal services and import and export business in the Americas related to Vietnamese companies’ entry into the US market, and we will do our best to become a bridgehead for Vietnam companies to advance into the USA market.


  1. Providing customized knowledge service for each foreign investment company industrial type.
  2. Accurate investment policy information linked with local government and government agencies in Vietnam.
  3. Provide core strategy through Vietnamese experience and provide success case study analysis.
  4. Providing information through Vietnamese local industry partners and local legal partners in the USA.
  5. Providing guidance and information on Vietnam’s social return Donation program.


+Trading Service

  1. Trade agency services.
  2. Local market research and provision of information on import and export business partners.
  3. Trade Agent Service & Local distribution service.
  4. Development of competitive import and export trade goods.
  5. Competitive export-import enterprise consulting into USA market.

+Investment & Accounting Legal Services

  1. Legal services of foreign invested companies.
  2. Foreign-investment company license acquisition service.
  3. Foreign investment company legal advisory management service.
  4. Foreign investment companies Vietnam accounting service.
  5. Foreign investment companies Vietnam accounting advisory management service.

+Factory design & Construction service

  1. Introduction of industrial zone in Vietnam & Factory design and construction services.
  2. Food service for factory employees and foreign workers.
  3. Local workers and foreign workers’ dormitory meal service.

+Factory & Office Automation Service

  1. Supply of enterprise consumable materials.
  2. Office automation services Internet LAN, copier, FAX Other office equipment
  3. Factory site and office automation system install service

+Human Resources

  1. Local factory workers workforce development.
  2. Local factory and office professional workforce development.
  3. Professional worker dispatch service.
  4. Providing cultural exchange programs with local workers.
  5. Consultation on welfare system of local workers.

+Int'l Freight Forwarding Service (IM-EXPORT Cargo)

  1. Import & Export International Air & Sea Freight Services.
  2. Residence moving cargo service.
  3. Residence travel management service.

+Residence Life Service

  1. Foreign resident real estate purchasing and leasing services.
  2. Foreign resident children International School Admission Program service.
  3. Foreign resident house manual program service.
  4. Foreign resident convenience facilities program service.
  5. Program for local political and economic & culture service.





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Company name

Alipes People Networks Co., Ltd Vietnam


LO-02 Lot L, City Land Residential Quarter, 99 Nguyen Thi Thap, Tan Phu Ward, Dist 7, Hochiminh City, Vietnam





Trade / General Administration

Business Development Cum Administration Executive
Email: steve@apnpeoples.com
Mobile : +84 938 34 8752

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